Auto-Scoop Crystal Litter Box System

The Premier Pet Auto-Scoop Crystal Litter Box System is a self-cleaning litter box that makes caring for your cat easy and convenient. It automatically scoops itself after every use, giving your cat clean litter all day. The premium crystal litter is 99% dust free and controls odor 5x better than traditional clay litter. Simply place one of the disposable trays pre-portioned with premium crystal litter under the litter box and forget about it. Once your waste trap is full, simply remove the litter tray, cover with the included lid and toss it!
  • Self-cleaning litter box system automatically scoops itself after every use
  • Rake quietly scoops waste out of sight and locked away
  • Premium Crystal litter is 99% dust free, lightweight and low tracking
  • Crystal Litter controls odors 5X better than clay litter
  • Disposable crystal litter tray with plastic liner with lid for no-touch cleanup
  • 1-year non-transferable limited warranty
  • U.S. Customer Support available by phone at (888) 640-8840

Customer Reviews

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Easy to clean, sturdy, less mess

I know this is just a litter box but simplifying some of the little things in life can make a big difference. My biggest fear in buying this box was that either the lid would not be sturdy enough ,or that my cat would not like the top entry feature. To my relief neither was a problem, the lid is quite sturdy with a large entry my cat had no problem taking to this box. I like that is really easily cleaned ,and because it is contained when the cat digs litter does not go everywhere. This box cut down on litter mess and smell I would definitely recommend, makes my life a little easier.

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