Bluetooth Cat Ball Electric Interactive Toy



● Voice recording + 3 Colors of eye protection lights: Can pre-record the sounds of birds, mice, meows, and the owner's voice, effectively attracting the attention of cute pets.

Irregular route to avoid obstacles: The toy ball will automatically avoid obstacles, inspiring the cat’s hunting nature and helping the cat burn more calories.

● Small tail storage box-A unique design for cats: The small tail storage box can be rotated to open, and you can immediately capture pets' heart when you put in the Actinidia polygama and Catnip.

● 3 intelligent modes: The smart sports mode of the toy ball can attract the cat's attention more. After the toy ball is touched by a cat's paw, the built-in 3 smart sports modes are automatically activated to induce cute pets to run actively, avoiding pets from slumbering, bloated and obese, and weak in resistance.

● Connect to MiJia APP: Randomly control the position of the toy ball through the APP. Randomly control the position of the toy ball through the APP, and can quickly locate the position of the toy ball through the mobile phone.




Product Name: Pet LED Rolling Ball

Model Number: MRP01-1

Material: ABS, PVC, Electronic Component 

Connection: Bluetooth

Battery capacity: 300mAh

Product Weight: 49g

Color: White
Package List

1 x Pet rolling ball

1 x USB charging line

1 x Manual

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